1. Cerulean Blues

Soft, subtle, plays well with others … that’s cerulean blue all right. And that also describes sax player, Denis Solee. The blues virtually pour out of his instrument in a swirl of laid back R & B.

2. Sunset Serenade

What painter isn’t drawn to and hypnotized by the daily miracle of the setting sun? This serenade celebrates the colors, the moods – the feeling of Oneness we share at sunset. Pianist, Bob Patin, and Denis Solee share the smooth and easy melody with warmth and feeling.

3. Saxativity

Sometimes when I’m laying in an imprimatura or painting large swaths of sky, ocean, or fields, I love to stroke along with the rhythm of certain songs. This is one of them. Bassist Duncan Mullins and drummer Brian Fullen roll out a solid rhythm section as Denis floats over top with, well, saxativity.

 4. Moondreams

The jazz ballad has a long history in smoky bars, New Orleans street corners, Paris cafes, and bedrooms around the world. I wrote this one for the quiet moments in our studios when we imagine and re-imagine our next creation. What do we want to express? How deep can we go? Can we go deeper still? That’s just what Denis and Bob have done so tastefully on this song.

 5. Palette Full of Jazz

Brian Fullen kicks off this tasty tune that shows the many colors of The Lanny Sherwin Jazz Project. It dances in and around a palette of musical phrases giving each player a chance to shine. I wanted to express how, like individual colors come together to produce a finished, harmonious painting, so it is with a great jazz band. For extra smiles, check out Bob Patin on B3 organ and Duncan Mullins turbo-charging his bass.

 6. Muse Music

Sometimes our Muse just likes to sway and swirl coaxing out the best in us. Peer into those hidden corners, experience those ancient emotions, cry at the drop of a hat, laugh out loud at nothing at all. Hey, Life at its best is pretty darn a-MUSE-ing.

 7. The Color of Groove

When the groove grabs you, you gotta groove. I said that. Denis grabbed his flute for this meditation on being in the flow. “Flow” is a word that has all kinds of meanings for painters. It’s a physical state of the paint, it’s a transcendental state of the painter. Flow on, mighty Groove.

 8. First Light

Slightly drowsy, slight aftertaste of coffee or tea, that first sip of daylight is pretty much the Motherlode for plein air painters. Soft, subtle, and magical it’s the New Beginning, the Fresh Start, the Being in the Now. That’s where I was as I wrote this song, and it was hard to come back from that slow shuffle, the mesmerizing promise of colorful melodies to come.

 9. Shadowdance

I wanted this song to be a sultry glorification of all things creative. The band said, “Gospel!” and I said “Hallejulah!” Painters know that shadows are not black, empty spaces, but rather exquisite mysteries where possibilities dance with creativity. When I listen to this song, I imagine rows flickering candles, raised hands (holding paintbrushes), spirits connected … and it reminds me to say “Thanks.”